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March 31, 2013

The Rumours are True . . . We’re Back!!!

Friends, Chicagoans, LiveMusicEnthusiasts,

After 9 long months of hibernation we are at long last ready to step on stage and submit our musical compositions for your judgement in the public forum, please join us at ye olde HOUSE of BLUES in Chicago on Friday May 3rd for a night of merrymaking with some of the best rock ‘n soul this fair city has to offer.  We’re honored to be supporting our great friend MATHIEN as he and his band release a new record, also equally exciting is the fact that our long time friends JACKPOT DONNIE are on the bill.  You can count on some surprise guest appearances as we will most definitely dance in and out of one anothers sets for some impromptu fun.

We implore you to purchase your tickets for this incredible event in advance through our online store –

It is safe, secure, and most importantly it saves you over $10 on ticket master fees in addition to helping us show our favorite venue in town that we do indeed have people who enjoy our live performances.  Ticket purchased through our store will be waiting for you at will call the night of the show.  If you live in the Chicago area and prefer to purchase your tickets from the band using good old fashioned cash, just email us at and we’ll arrange to get you the tickets the old fashioned way (which means we meet you in a shady McDonalds parking lot in a seedy part of town, you pull up to our car and give the pre-determined password, then one of our associates gets in the car and you drive around the block where he/she hands you the tickets and you hand over the cash then you both go your separate ways without ever saying a word).  Of course, if thats too sketchy for you we can just meet at Starbucks.  We like a Orange Mocha Frappucino as much as the next person.

Look out for some new video content in the weeks leading up to the show at and of course we always appreciate it if you “LIKE” our page at – we are, afterall, performers, and relish in the thought that anyone would consider taking the time to publicy declare that they “LIKE” our little merry band of rock ‘n roll enthusiasts.



See you all on Friday May 3rd!!!


Hugs & Kisses,



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September 9, 2012

and the winner is . . . . . . .

Happy fall everyone!!

Its been FAR to long since my last entry and for that dear reader, I apologize!  Lots been happening since last we checked in, we’ve got several music videos being edited right now – a few tunes from our stellar Metro show in mid summer, as well as a few tunes from when we backed up legendary Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd for a private performance in the late summer!

In the mean time, Katie & Tate just returned from a whirlwind visit overseas and with them came some great news, we were selected by the readers of the Oak Park Patch as the BEST LOCAL BAND, with 70% of the vote it was a bit of a landslide and we just want to say a big THANKS to everyone who voted for us!!  We’re in the studio the rest of fall, but we’ll celebrate the win with a big show at Fitzgeralds in the spring!

More updates soon, new tracks nearing completion in the studio and we’re brainstorming some new video ideas, and live videos from our recently minted Chalk Lit Studios will be coming along soon as well!!



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June 12, 2012

Metro This Saturday, Et cetera, Et cetera

Greetings friends!

We’ve had a busy few weeks of shows, Katie & Tate have done a few duo shows around the region warming up for the some great acts, and the full band has been shaking some hips more locally – highlight so far was at Arlington Race Track entertaining 4,000 packed in wine enthusiasts who came to taste over 300 wines and found themselves in the midst of a rock ‘n roll extravaganza.  Good times ensued.

But I digress, we’re excited because this weekend we make our debut at the wildly famous Cabaret Metro here in Chicago – this incredible venue has fostered the careers of so many incredible bands including Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, more than we have room to name here, but at least we got a little name dropping in!  We are supporting our good friends in Cobalt & the Hired Guns as they release a new cd, tickets are available at this link:

Punch in the promotion code METRO to get ’em for only $7 a pop!

That is, as they say, all the news that’s fit to print – some more amazing shows coming up later this month and into July, there is a new video in the works, new music being recorded, and lots of new songs being written, we’ll see you soon!



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May 31, 2012

Summer in Chicago!

We’re dragging summer into Chicago kicking and screaming, there are fits of glorious sun soaked days punctuated by days of doom and gloom clouds and rain, but at least its not snowing.  Yet.

Summer means lots of shows, and even though we originally vowed to take it easy this summer, well, that hasn’t quite panned out – this weekend starts on Friday night, Katie and Tate are doing an acoustic set opening for a fantastic Bruce Springsteen tribute act, “Bruce in the USA” ( at Viper Alley (  They’ll preview a few new tunes and dust off a few covers that were requested via email this week, come sing along!

On Saturday the whole band will be playing all afternoon at Arlington Race Track (, but in order to see the band you’ll have to buy a ticket to the Binny’s Wine Tasting Event.  It’s $25 for a tasting of over 300 different wines and food from some of the most amazing restaurants in town.  Not a bad deal, you can of course see the races and shake your sexy hips to our grooves.  Get there early, press for this event has been huge.

Then on Sunday we play the “Day in our Village” celebration in lovely Oak Park, where 4/5 of the band hails from originally.  Get to Scoville Park at the intersection of Oak Park Ave. & Lake Street early – music starts at noon and we hit the stage at 4:00 – expect a bit of a wild set, I’m just sayin’.

Thats the news for now – new songs “New Orleans” and “Lovestruck Rush” are nearing completion in the studio, we’ll be shooting the video for “Lovestruck Rush” later in June for a dual release, we’d love to have any and all of your lovely faces in the video so shoot an email to if you’d like a starring roll in our next video adventure!





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May 1, 2012

Summer Starts. . .

Well, I guess summer hasn’t “technically” started, but that doesn’t mean I can’t run around in shorts and flippy flops and celebrate the fact that its at least warm enough that frostbite is no longer a threat.

But I digress . . . we had a blast at the House of Blues recently, big thanks to our pals in MATHIEN for having us out to support them – for those keeping track this was only our 4th show with Katie rockin’ the lead vocals, and it was spectacular – check out the youtubes, there is a video floating around of us tearing into “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin, alot of fun to watch (try just searching the band name I think that’ll lead you to it).

This weekend we kickoff the summer outdoor season with an awesome show, we’re headlining the WINE ON THE FOX ( in lovely Oswego, Illinois – the show is (of course) all ages, free, and we’ll be bringing along a whole truckload of grooves!  Our friends in JIN & TONIC will be starting things out with a late afternoon set, then we’ll take the stage at 6:30 to close out the night.  Arrive early, get a good spot, and see if you can guess what pair of sunglasses Colin will break out for this show (we’re fairly certain he has a trunk at home full of wacky shades).

New music coming soon, new video coming soon, until then, CHEERS!!!



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April 4, 2012

New Music Video . . . “TONIGHT”

At long last, the new music video for the song “TONIGHT” is here . . . we had so much fun shooting this video, keep a close eye out for some cameos from friends & fans, and please if you enjoy the video share it with all your friends, family, don’t forget your enemies either, even people you have a lifelong distaste for deserve some good musical entertainment once in a while . . .


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April 3, 2012

House of Blues on Friday April 13th!!

Yes indeed, the rumours are true (mostly because I started them) we are making our triumphant return to the House of Blues here in Chicago on Friday April 13th and could not possibly be more excited.  Seriously, we were tested just after making the announcement and our excitement as a group is literally off the charts.

So it’s quite simple really – we’re supporting local favorites and our good friends in MATHIEN, the show is open to everyone ages 17+, and tickets are $15 in advance, make sure to buy ahead of time as the price jumps up to $20 on the day of the show.  The rest of this bill is amazing, our olds friends in JASPER ACOUSTIC will open the night up, and also rockin’ the stage will be OUT FOR HOURS and ANIMATE OBJECTS.

You can get those tickets now at this link:

We’re especially jazzed because this is only our 4th show with the refreshed lineup and there isn’t a better stage to to show off what we’ve been working on.  We’ve got a really amazing set planned, we’ll debut “New Orleans” and “Lovestruck Rush” which will both be released on Vinyl a little later this spring, and another new tune “Meddlin’ Mama” which has already become one of our favorites.  No plans to release it yet, so bring your nifty smart phones and record a version for your own enjoyment long after the show is over.  As always with a show this big, we’ll be offering our take on one or two classic songs and in honor of the occassion we’ve prepared a few selections to really blow your wigs back.  I don’t mean to suggest you lack hair and need a wig by any means, but if you do wear a wig, it will without a doubt be blown back.

So get your tickets, arrive early, we’ll play at 10:00 p.m. sharp but you don’t want to miss the entire lineup and of course plan on sticking around for headliner MATHIEN – his band just gets hotter and tighter and you’ll have to fight us for the best spots in the front row after our set is over!!!




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March 16, 2012

We’re Back!!

Well hello there!

You’re looking fabulous today dear reader, thanks for taking a minute to peruse our brand spanking new website . . . we’ve worked long, hard hours (with well timed union breaks) asking our designer when this thing would be ready . . . this frustrated him to no end and led to a protracted legal battle which we recently settled out of court over a lukewarm bottle of Dr. Pepper (glass bottle, yea, we’ve got connections) and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.   Turns out we missed his emails asking us minor details like “what do you want the site to look like”, he showed us how to check our “inbox” and as it turns out alot of people have been emailing lately and we didn’t even know it.  You could safely say we are not necessarily the most tech savvy band.

Soooo, where were we?  Oh yes, so welcome to our killer new website – I or one of my rock ‘n roll compadres will keep this blog updated “on the regular” (i heard a cool looking hipster say that ironically today, I don’t mean it ironically though, at least I don’t think) so that you, our cherished reader, will remain informed regarding our every movement.

Right now we are packing up to head to an amazing gem of a pub in Davenport, Iowa known affectionately (and also technically) as Kilkenny’s Irish Pub.  Katie and I head out there “on the regular” to play acoustic sets and always have a blast with owner Andy and his gang, they do a big, huge, gigantor outdoor tented festival for St. Patty’s day that draws out what feels like every fun-seeking soul in the quad cities area – and we work to satisfy their fun-seeking by bringing the entire band out for 2 sets of face melting rock and/or roll.  Good times guaranteed.

After that, we’re heading into Transient Studios once again with super-producer / mega-awesome-beard-cultivator Steve Gillis.  We’ll be laying down two new tracks, tentatively titled “New Orleans” and “Better Than That”.  I say tentatively because we often times change titles of songs for reasons that I don’t care to divulge here (thats for another post).  No, its not that dramatic, we’re just very much a “grass is always greener” sort of band when it comes to song titles, perhaps we’ll just call every song “Not Stairway” and call it a day.

After tracking the new tunes we’re getting back into the groove with spring/summer festivals that will see us rocking some big stages all over the midwest, check the tour dates page “on the regular” for updates, “like” us on facebook (you are also welcome to “like” us in real life too), and keep an eye out for a forthcoming new music video for the song TONIGHT from our last e.p.


Thats that,



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December 30, 2011

Proud Mary performed by How Far to Austin

How Far to Austin stopped in Transient Studios with a camera crew in tow and laid down this live version of the Tina Turner classic “Proud Mary”. Enjoy, make sure to “like” the video, share it with friends, and support local music – go to a show!

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