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March 16, 2012

We’re Back!!

Well hello there!

You’re looking fabulous today dear reader, thanks for taking a minute to peruse our brand spanking new website . . . we’ve worked long, hard hours (with well timed union breaks) asking our designer when this thing would be ready . . . this frustrated him to no end and led to a protracted legal battle which we recently settled out of court over a lukewarm bottle of Dr. Pepper (glass bottle, yea, we’ve got connections) and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.   Turns out we missed his emails asking us minor details like “what do you want the site to look like”, he showed us how to check our “inbox” and as it turns out alot of people have been emailing lately and we didn’t even know it.  You could safely say we are not necessarily the most tech savvy band.

Soooo, where were we?  Oh yes, so welcome to our killer new website – I or one of my rock ‘n roll compadres will keep this blog updated “on the regular” (i heard a cool looking hipster say that ironically today, I don’t mean it ironically though, at least I don’t think) so that you, our cherished reader, will remain informed regarding our every movement.

Right now we are packing up to head to an amazing gem of a pub in Davenport, Iowa known affectionately (and also technically) as Kilkenny’s Irish Pub.  Katie and I head out there “on the regular” to play acoustic sets and always have a blast with owner Andy and his gang, they do a big, huge, gigantor outdoor tented festival for St. Patty’s day that draws out what feels like every fun-seeking soul in the quad cities area – and we work to satisfy their fun-seeking by bringing the entire band out for 2 sets of face melting rock and/or roll.  Good times guaranteed.

After that, we’re heading into Transient Studios once again with super-producer / mega-awesome-beard-cultivator Steve Gillis.  We’ll be laying down two new tracks, tentatively titled “New Orleans” and “Better Than That”.  I say tentatively because we often times change titles of songs for reasons that I don’t care to divulge here (thats for another post).  No, its not that dramatic, we’re just very much a “grass is always greener” sort of band when it comes to song titles, perhaps we’ll just call every song “Not Stairway” and call it a day.

After tracking the new tunes we’re getting back into the groove with spring/summer festivals that will see us rocking some big stages all over the midwest, check the tour dates page “on the regular” for updates, “like” us on facebook (you are also welcome to “like” us in real life too), and keep an eye out for a forthcoming new music video for the song TONIGHT from our last e.p.


Thats that,



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