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May 1, 2012

Summer Starts. . .

Well, I guess summer hasn’t “technically” started, but that doesn’t mean I can’t run around in shorts and flippy flops and celebrate the fact that its at least warm enough that frostbite is no longer a threat.

But I digress . . . we had a blast at the House of Blues recently, big thanks to our pals in MATHIEN for having us out to support them – for those keeping track this was only our 4th show with Katie rockin’ the lead vocals, and it was spectacular – check out the youtubes, there is a video floating around of us tearing into “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin, alot of fun to watch (try just searching the band name I think that’ll lead you to it).

This weekend we kickoff the summer outdoor season with an awesome show, we’re headlining the WINE ON THE FOX ( in lovely Oswego, Illinois – the show is (of course) all ages, free, and we’ll be bringing along a whole truckload of grooves!  Our friends in JIN & TONIC will be starting things out with a late afternoon set, then we’ll take the stage at 6:30 to close out the night.  Arrive early, get a good spot, and see if you can guess what pair of sunglasses Colin will break out for this show (we’re fairly certain he has a trunk at home full of wacky shades).

New music coming soon, new video coming soon, until then, CHEERS!!!



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