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March 31, 2013

The Rumours are True . . . We’re Back!!!

Friends, Chicagoans, LiveMusicEnthusiasts,

After 9 long months of hibernation we are at long last ready to step on stage and submit our musical compositions for your judgement in the public forum, please join us at ye olde HOUSE of BLUES in Chicago on Friday May 3rd for a night of merrymaking with some of the best rock ‘n soul this fair city has to offer.  We’re honored to be supporting our great friend MATHIEN as he and his band release a new record, also equally exciting is the fact that our long time friends JACKPOT DONNIE are on the bill.  You can count on some surprise guest appearances as we will most definitely dance in and out of one anothers sets for some impromptu fun.

We implore you to purchase your tickets for this incredible event in advance through our online store –

It is safe, secure, and most importantly it saves you over $10 on ticket master fees in addition to helping us show our favorite venue in town that we do indeed have people who enjoy our live performances.  Ticket purchased through our store will be waiting for you at will call the night of the show.  If you live in the Chicago area and prefer to purchase your tickets from the band using good old fashioned cash, just email us at and we’ll arrange to get you the tickets the old fashioned way (which means we meet you in a shady McDonalds parking lot in a seedy part of town, you pull up to our car and give the pre-determined password, then one of our associates gets in the car and you drive around the block where he/she hands you the tickets and you hand over the cash then you both go your separate ways without ever saying a word).  Of course, if thats too sketchy for you we can just meet at Starbucks.  We like a Orange Mocha Frappucino as much as the next person.

Look out for some new video content in the weeks leading up to the show at and of course we always appreciate it if you “LIKE” our page at – we are, afterall, performers, and relish in the thought that anyone would consider taking the time to publicy declare that they “LIKE” our little merry band of rock ‘n roll enthusiasts.



See you all on Friday May 3rd!!!


Hugs & Kisses,



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